Time passes, but performance endures

Texun extends the life cycle of your technical garments thanks to an innovative water-repellent treatment.


The treatment is hypoallergenic, withstands multiple domestic washes and does not compromise the quality of the garment.


Texun extends the durability of the garment, minimising the environmental impact through an eco-friendly process.


In addition to professional washing and a water-repellent treatment, Texun takes care of the garment from collection to delivery.

The importance of an adventure companion

When an item of clothing is our companion and protects us in extraordinary adventures and memorable moments, to all intents and purposes it becomes a second skin. This is why, when a technical garment loses its waterproof properties and reaches the end of its life cycle, parting with it is almost like losing a part of ourselves.

We are very well aware of this, because the Texun project is the brainchild of a team of professional mountain guides who are passionate about the world of sport and have found a way of extending the journey travelled with their favourite items of clothing.

A water-repellent treatment that restores performance, minimises environmental impact and preserves memories of previous achievements.

The costs of the services

Professional washing + Water-repellent treatment

It is time to give your sports apparel
a new lease of life

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